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Coherentpdf.js is a PDF API in pure JavaScript for node and the browser, which features all of the functionality of our command line tools and other APIs. It can be used both server side in node, and client side - so PDF files can be processed entirely in the browser.

Using coherentpdf.js server side, in node

Coherentpdf.js may be used from node, including from the node REPL. It has no dependencies other than the node standard library.

var coherentpdf = require('coherentpdf');
var pdf = coherentpdf.fromFile('cpdfmanual.pdf', '');
coherentpdf.scalePages(pdf, coherentpdf.all(pdf), 2.0, 2.0);
coherentpdf.toFile(pdf, 'out.pdf', false, false);

Using coherentpdf.js client side, in a browser

A single JavaScript file with no dependencies, coherentpdf.js can be used to process PDF files entirely within the browser.

You can see a simple demonstration (loads in new window), which allows the user to select a PDF file, processes it entirely in the browser, and allows it to be downloaded.


The PDF manual cpdfjsmanual.pdf contains the API documentation interleaved with the coherentpdf.js API. This is the primary source of documentation.

In addition, an API documentation summary is available.


Coherentpdf.js may be installed with npm. It has an npm page. Coherentpdf.js also has a Github page.


Licenses may be purchased from this website or by contacting us for a quote using the form below.

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