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Coherent PDF Tools give you a wide range of professional, robust tools to modify PDF files.

All based on our own PDF technology and with a comprehensive manual.

Feature highlights (less)

  • General features
    • Apply most operations to just selected page ranges of input files
    • Decrypt on-the-fly when an input file is encrypted
    • Use standard input and standard output to chain commands together
    • Keep or change PDF File IDs
    • Use a control file for parameters instead of the command line
    • Linearize for fast web view on any operation
    • Reconstruct malformed files
    • Call from programs with full error handling
    • Combine multiple operations into one command line
    • Create new PDFs and convert text files to PDF
  • Merging and splitting
    • Merge several PDF files into one, keeping bookmarks
    • Collate pages when merging
    • Split a PDF into several chunks of a give size, keeping relevant bookmarks
    • Split a PDF at bookmark boundaries (chapter, section etc)
    • Split a PDF to a given maximum file size
    • Split a PDF to multiple outputs, shuffling pages
  • Page operations
    • Scale pages (e.g from one paper size to another)
    • Scale pages to fit
    • Shift the contents of a page (e.g to change the margins)
    • Rotate a page, in absolute or relative terms
    • Flip a page horizontally or vertically
    • Crop pages, or remove cropping
    • Set a page's media, trim, art, bleed and crop boxes
    • Add trim marks
  • Encrypt and decrypt PDF files using 40 bit and 128 bit RC4, or 128 bit and 256 bit AES security
  • Compress and Decompress the streams in a PDF file
  • Losslessly Squeeze files to reduce their size
  • Bookmarks
    • List the bookmarks in a file (to JSON if required)
    • Remove the bookmarks from a file (from JSON if required)
    • Add bookmarks to a file
    • Use complex destinations
    • Build a table of contents from a PDF's bookmarks
  • Make PDF-based presentations with transition effects
  • Logos, watermarks and stamps
    • Stamp a page over or under the pages of a file e.g to watermark
    • Combine the pages of two files by combining the individual pages
    • Add text, shapes, page numbers, or bates numbers to a page in different fonts, colors and sizes, and with transparency.
    • Add multiline text paragraphs including justification.
    • Load and use TrueType fonts from any source
    • Add simple shapes to a page
  • Multipage facilities
    • Put multiple pages on one page (n-up)
    • Insert blank pages to pad before or after
    • Chop pages into sections
  • Annotations
    • List annotations (as JSON if required)
    • Add annotations from JSON source, including round-tripping
    • Copy annotations from one file to another
    • Remove annotations from a file
  • Document information and metadata
    • Count pages
    • List page info
    • List fonts
    • Read document info
    • Set title, author etc.
    • Set page layout, page mode and Acrobat display options
    • Read, delete and set metadata
    • Add, print, modify or remove page labels
    • Set producer and creator
    • Set, create or read XMP Metadata and individual fields
    • Show amount of space used by fonts, page streams etc.
    • Identify PDF/A, PDF/X, PDF/E, PDF/VT, PDF/UA
  • Add, remove, and extract file attachments, including other PDFs
  • Export PDF file to and import PDF file from JSON, including page contents
  • Manipulate optional content groups
  • Create new PDFs
    • Make new blanck PDF file
    • Convert a text file to PDF
    • Make a PDF from a PNG or JPEG image
    • Build documents from JBIG2 images
  • Drawing on PDFs
    • Add paths and filled shapes
    • Clipping paths
    • Matrix transformations
    • Re-use content with XObjects
    • Insert images
    • Use transparency
    • Add text
    • Create multi-page document
  • Reprocess images within a PDF to compress them
  • Miscellaneous
    • List spot colours
    • Thicken hairlines
    • Detect missing fonts
    • Copy and Remove Fonts
    • Detect low resolution images
    • Remove individual images
    • Thicken hairlines
    • Blacken text, fills or lines
    • Make draft documents (remove pictures)
    • Garbage collection of PDF files
    • Change PDF version number
    • Copy unique IDs from one file to another, or remove an ID

Product Details

  • For Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/x86 (Other platforms, e.g Solaris or HP/UX by request)
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Generous discounts on multiple, or developer licenses by request.

Available for purchase online, or find a reseller, or contact us using the form below for an invoice.


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