Coherent PDF Command Line Tools and C/C++/Python/.NET/Java API Version 2.5

New features and improvements:

New features:

o Can read as well as write PDFs in JSON format with -j
o New operation -typeset typesets a text file as a PDF
o New operation -table-of-contents makes table of contents from bookmarks
o New operations -impose and -impose-xy for document imposition
o New operation -print-font-table gives (charcode, unicode, glyph name) triples
o New -print-dict-entry operation prints values for a given key
o New -replace-dict-entry function to search & replace e.g URLs
o Prepend e.g 2DUP to a page range to make 1,2,3 –> 1,1,2,2,3,3 etc.
o Prepend NOT to a page range to invert it
o Output annotations in JSON form with -list-annotations-json
o Output bookmarks in JSON format with -list-bookmarks-json
o Load bookmarks in JSON format with -add-bookmarks-json
o New option -collate to collate pages when merging
o Text added in existing fonts is now encoding-aware (plus new raw mode)

Extended features:

o Extend -remove-dict-entry to allow search
o Annotation /QuadPoints processed in addition to /Rect when transforming pages
o When adding text or graphics, may choose CYMK or Grey instead of RGB
o The -list-fonts operation now obeys the range
o Can now search for a font by real name with -font
o Basic merging of AcroForms when merging documents
o Add -idir-only-pdfs to restrict -idir to just files ending in .pdf
o Option -debug-force now properly documented as -decrypt-force

And, of course, many bug fixes since the previous release. Available here:

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