.NET Toolkit Released, Command Line Tools Updated

Our .NET PDF Toolkit, in 100% F#, cross-compiled with OCaml is now available, starting at £495. It does everything the command line tools do, and more, but is usable natively from VB.NET, C# and ASP.NET.

At the same time, we’ve updated the Command Line Tools (written in pure OCaml) with bug fixes and new features, and now provided for Solaris 10 Sparc and Intel out of the box.

The codebase of about 40,000 lines ended up requiring only 30 points at which conditional compilation was needed to cover the differences between F# and OCaml, though plenty of code had to be modified to compile in both environments in a way that didn’t require conditional compiltion.

There will be a new release of CamlPDF soon, which will have many new features, and which will cross-compile with F# out of the box.

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