CamlPDF Version 0.4 (for Ocaml and F#)

CamlPDF Version 0.4 has been released.

The biggest change is that this release now compiles with Microsoft F Sharp as well as with OCaml.

Some major non-compatible changes have been made to the low-level API, due to the experience of building large software with the library. These should be the last such changes, at least to the basic modules.

One of the changes is that many functions which used to take a Pdf.pdfdoc and return another one now modify the document in-place. This is rather un-idiomatic for a functional library, but threading all the documents through complicated functions in code using CamlPDF became wearying.

There are several new modules:

  • PDFSpace (Parsing Colourspaces)
  • PDFText module extended for more encodings and better text extraction
  • Cff module (Parse Type 1 fonts and convert to Type 3)
  • PDFMarks (Bookmark handling – unfinished)
  • PDFAnnot (PDF Annotations – unfinished)
  • PDFGraphics (Structured graphics – unfinished – included only because Cff uses it

This release is about a third faster in general than the last one, due to profiling under .NET. Many bug fixes are included, and extra facilities for dealing with malformed PDF files.

CamlPDF is in commercial use in our Command Line PDF Toolkit and PDF Toolkit for .NET.

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