CamlPDF 1.7

The first new release of the CamlPDF library for a while is here:

(Or, shortly, via OPAM.)

The documentation is online here:

A little introduction is here:

Most importantly, CamlPDF is now open source, being under a standard LGPL with linking exception licence.

This release is much cleaner: development has moved to Github for transparency, ocamlfind is supported, and it should compile out-of-the-box with no dependencies on Windows, Mac and Linux. Documentation is much improved.

And, of course, there’s lots of new functionality, such as 256 bit AES encryption, reading of malformed files, support for writing with object streams, and new modules for merging files, bookmarks, destinations. It’s also very much faster.

There have, however, been significant non-backward-compatible API changes. These will be minimized in the future. Contact me directly or via the Github issue system if you need help updating code from a previous version.

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