Coherent PDF Command Line Tools 2.2

CPDF 2.2 is now out, with many new features, and increased speed and reliability, especially for large or encrypted files.

The formerly separate product smpdf for lossless compression of PDF files is now included in cpdf at no extra cost.

  • Perform arithmetic on dimensions when specifying size or position
  • Add simple rectangles to PDF to blank things out
  • Stamping operations now preserve annotations
  • Decryption fully on-demand for speed.
  • -keep-l keeps existing linearization status
  • -remove-dict-entry to remove the contents of a dictionary entry
  • -topline in addition to -midline
  • -producer and -creator may be used to alter producer and creator in
  • conjunction with any other operation
  • -topline and -midline now apply to stamps
  • -list-spot-colours to enumerate all spot colours
  • -bates-at-range and -bates-pad-to improve Bates number options
  • -print-page-labels to list the page labels to standard output
  • -squeeze replaces smpdf, integrated in cpdf itself.
  • Preserve more sharing of data when doing merges and page alterations

Licenses from $339. Customers without current support contracts may upgrade for $189.

Full details on our home page.

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