Coherent PDF Command Line Tools Version 2.6

New features:

o Create new PDF documents or draw on existing ones with -draw
o Embed TrueType fonts with -font-ttf
o Embed the 14 standard fonts if requested
o Add links to parts of text with -add-text as %URL[|]
o Convert JPEGs and PNGs to PDFs with -jpeg and -png
o Export, import, and thereby round-trip annotations via JSON
o Show composition of PDF with -composition[-json]
o Use page labels like and in page specifications

Extended features:

o Allow -utf8 with -split-bookmarks -o @B.pdf to produce UTF8 filenames
o -merge-add-bookmarks now works with unicode filenames
o Better transformation of some annotation types
o -list-annotations[-json] now respects page range
o Merge now merges structure trees (tagged PDF)
o Merge now rewrites clashing name tree entries
o Preserve /GoTo actions in bookmarks when merging
o UTF8 option for JSON output
o -info now shows object stream, /ID data, page mode and layout
o More options for viewer preference control
o More default colours, by using the CSS colour list

Available here:

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