PDF Command Line Tools 1.1

I’ve just uploaded the new version of our tools for merging, splitting, annotating, encrypting and stamping PDF filesĀ here.

New features:
  • -blacklines and -blackfills (Blacken lines and fills)
  • -idir (Add whole directory of files)
  • -scale-to-fit (Scale pages to fit a given paper size)
  • -scale-contents (Scale page contents)
  • Use page size names (e.g a4paper)
  • Multiline text stamps
  • Print page information (media box etc)
Bugs fixed:
  • -stdin and -stdout now work on Windows
  • Encrypted files now viewable in Acrobat 5.0
  • Merge now produces smaller files when several partsĀ taken from a single input file
A bugfix release of CamlPDF (which forms the basis for these tools) will be released soon. More substantial feature additions for CamlPDF are in the works – more details later.
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