Books for the PDF Programmer

PDF Refence Manual Front Cover

1200 pages of specification, referencing about fifty other documents. Not complete, not even self-consistent, but essential.

PDF Hacks Book Front Cover

One of O’Reilly’s Hacks series – a little book about generating, manipulating, annotating, and consuming PDF information. Lots of stuff which doesn’t need Acrobat, including free resources.

Fonts and Encodings Book Front Cover

All too rare these days, a book which pulls together a whole field, from detailed chapters of explanatory prose and historical information, right down to Type 1 and Truetype font formats in detail, and a few chapters on TeX fonts, too.

Computer Graphics Book Front Cover

Twelve years after it’s latest edition, and almost twenty since it’s first, still essential reference material.

Fax Modem Sourcebook Front Cover

Pretty much the only sensible source for information on CCITT fax encodings, which PDF uses for one bit-per-pixel bitmaps. The standards documents are virtually impenetrable.

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