Compiling Code Under OCaml and F# (Part Two)

[Part One]

Twenty thousand lines of CamlPDF and cpdf later, here are some numbers:

  • Occasions on which conditional compilation is required: 22
  • Compilation warnings with fsc –no-warn 62: 15
  • Time taken: 22 hours

The current executable appears to be about 8 times slower than OCaml native compilation, but I haven’t examined this enough to know how much we might be able to improve upon it.

I’m planning to clean up the code to see how much of the conditional compilation we can get into a single Utility module.

What’s next is to repackage the command line tools as an API for .NET users. I¬†know very little about this topic, so it’s going to require quite a bit of effort before I’m willing to put it on sale and support it.

If you’re familiar with packaging up libraries for .NET and would like to beta test, drop me a line in the comments, or via our website.

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